Amish Grandma's Beverage Recipes


6 heaping tsp tea add 1 pt hot water Let stand for 6 min. Strain tea and add 1 ½ cups sugar and juice of 2 lemons. Shake well until dissolved. Add enough water for 2 quarts of tea.

Stem grapes and wash. Mash well and boil well. Do not add water. Strain through cloth. Heat juice. Add sugar if desired. Boil, put in bottles, and cap.

2 gal grapes 6 oz Tartaric acid Crush and mix in earthen jar, let stand 4 days, stir twice daily. Drain through bag. 2 measures sugar to one measure juice Let stand 4 days, stir twice daily until sugar is dissolved. Then bottle or in cans. *Use wooden spoon to stir mixture.


4 pkg. lemon-lime Kool-aid 2 cans frozen orange juice 2 cans frozen lemon juice 1 lg. bottle Lime Ricky Sugar as called for on Kool-aid directions 8 qt water

1 qt rhubarb, cut up, and covered with water. Boil slowly for 10 min. Drain and add enough water to make 2 quarts. Melt 2 c sugar in 2 c water. Add to juice: 1 c pineapple juice and the juice from 6 lemons (or ¾ c real lemon). Process for 15 min. Add ginger […]


1 lb Nestles Quick 8 c powdered milk 8 oz creamer 2 lg. c powdered sugar 1/3 c per cup of hot water.

1 lb. Nestles Quick 8 c powdered milk 1 c powdered sugar (Grandma uses more) 8 oz (1 c) creamer dash of salt Mix well. Use 1/3 c per cup of boiling water.

6 Tbsp instant Nestea Iced Tea 1 c sugar 1 pkg. orange Kool-aid 1 – 6 oz frozen lemonade Put above in 1 gal. container and fill with water.

Stem grapes and wash thoroughly. Cover grapes with water. Simmer, do NOT boil. Strain through a cloth bag. ½ c sugar to each quart of juice. Cold pack for 10 min.

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