Amish Grandma's Special Recipes

2 lemons ½ pint flax seed 3 cups water Boil and strain ½ pound loaf sugar ½ pint honey Boil until thick.

5 pumpkin seeds 1 Tbsp sugar ½ cup water Boil until a syrup. Feed before breakfast 3 days.

½ oz Burgundy Pitch 2 drops red precipitate 2 oz lard Mix pitch and lard together till warm. Add red precipitate and still till cold. Apply 4 evenings, take bath and change.

4 drops Spirits Of Camphos 4 drops chloroform 3 drops oil sassafras 3 drops tinct. Quaiac 3 drops Spirits of Turpentine 2 drops laudanum 2 drops Tinct. Capsicum 2 drops Aq. Ammonia Alcohol enough to make 1 pint.

48 grains resorcin 1 oz glycerine Diluted alcohol to fill 6 oz bottle

Hard Soap

5 lbs caustic soda 5 gal water 20# soap grease Let water and lye come to a boil then add grease. Boil 3 hours, add 2 large handfuls of salt.

4 quart dry beans-soak overnight Boil beans until skins peel when blown. Drain and fill jars ¾ full. Add to each jar: 1 tsp salt and several small pieces fresh bacon. Mix 1 quart tomatoes, 2 bottles catsup, and pepper to taste. Divide equally among jars. Fill jars with water. Cold pack 4 hours. 2 […]


Add onions with tomatoes if desired 2 gal tomato juice 10 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp cloves 2 tsp cinnamon 1 cup vinegar 2 cups sugar


Pour boiling water over green tomatoes. Let stand little while. 6 # ground apples 2 Tbsp cinnamon 3 # ground tomatoes 2 tsp cloves 2 # seedless raisins 1 cup vinegar 8 cups brown sugar 2 tsp salt Boil until thick enough. Then can.

Dig out foot of ground. Put some back in and pack. Put horse manure on heavily. Put layer of ground and pack again. Put in little loose ground and some seeds. Put in balance of ground. Cover with wet burlap sacks. In morning make teakettle hot water. Put in sprinkling can and sprinkle over sacks. […]

Beat 1 egg white. Add: 3 tsp ground mustard 2 tsp flour Spread between salt sack. Apply on chest.

Party Mix

1 – 10 oz bag pretzel sticks 2 lbs salted peanuts 1 lb salted mixed nuts (or cocktail) 1 pkg. rice Chex 1 pkg. wheat Chex 1 pkg. Cheerios 1 ½ cups butter 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (a couple drops?) scant 1 Tbsp garlic salt scant 1 Tbsp celery salt Melt butter and stir in […]

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